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resistant depression

Treatment-resistant depressionSometimes depression doesn't get better, even with treatment. Explore what you can do about it.By Mayo Clinic Staff If you've been treated for depression but your symptoms haven't improved, you may have treatment-resistant depression. Taking an antidepressant or going to psychological counseling (psychotherapy) eases depression symptoms for most people. But with treatment-resistant depression, standard…Read More

Gaming well: links between videogames and flourishing mental health

Introduction Flourishing mental health has been defined as a combination of feeling good and functioning effectively resulting in high levels of mental well-being. To flourish is more than the absence of disorder with flourishing conceived as the opposite of mental disorder rather than its mere absence (Huppert and So, 2013). Mental disorders are universal and…Read More

Diverse Treatment Options – RHIhub Mental Health Toolkit

View more Rural communities face unique challenges when addressing mental health, including lack of accessibility to transportation services, stigma toward mental healthcare, and limited access to healthy food choices. Mental health treatment is not a one-size-fit-all process. Individuals have unique needs that should be addressed when implementing mental health programs. Rural communities will especially need…Read More

Types of Mental Health Treatment for Teens

Reading Time: 6 minutesAdolescent treatment for teenage depression, teen anxiety, and other teen mental health challenges take time and care. Thus, different stages of the healing process may require different types of mental health treatment. Therefore, mental health treatment options for teens range from youth residential treatment to intensive outpatient therapy to partial hospitalization programs…Read More