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Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources for the general public

This collection includes fact sheets for the general public and industry about coronavirus (COVID-19). Masks informationSee translated versions of the 'Do I need to wear a mask?' poster. How to wear a mask 1 September 2020VideoCoronavirus (COVID-19) Dr Nick Coatsworth message on masks 23 July 2020VideoCoronavirus (COVID-19) – Face masks: How they protect you and…Read More

Mental Health, Substance Use, and Suicidal Ideation During the Pandemic

Mark É. Czeisler1,2; Rashon I. Lane, MA3; Emiko Petrosky, MD3; Joshua F. Wiley, PhD1; Aleta Christensen, MPH3; Rashid Njai, PhD3; Matthew D. Weaver, PhD1,4,5; Rebecca Robbins, PhD4,5; Elise R. Facer-Childs, PhD1; Laura K. Barger, PhD4,5; Charles A. Czeisler, MD, PhD1,4,5; Mark E. Howard, MBBS, PhD1,2,6; Shantha M.W. Rajaratnam, PhD1,4,5 (View author affiliations) View suggested citationSummary…Read More