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Affiliate Programs

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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Hey guys! Just wanted to take a moment to create a page for you that is dedicated to finding programs that you can affiliate with for yourself. One’s that pay well, for the most part. They pay and that is what matters. I have compiled a list of some of the programs I am already working with, or plan to work in the very near future.

If you have any questions about the affiliate programs that any of these guys offer, you can reach out to us here at My Rebel Diaries on our personal email.


Or jump over to the ‘Contact Us’ page and fill out the form on there and we will get back at you with answers to your requests in a timely manner.

I am just throwing some in on here today, Some that I have found and currently affiliate with or they are on my must have lists to get done.

I’m a list person for everything so get familiar with me using these terms and possibly even begin to upload them in case someone needs some help.

We will do what we can to help you with any and every reasonable request.



Builderall affiliate
Network of Builderall Affiliate

Builderall not only gives you access to use their platform to build your own websites and email marketing material… This is a place for all your creation needs. It is super easy to navigate through and you can decide to become an affiliate that cost you 0$ up front or pay for their premium affiliate program which gives you access to their club and trainings.

The program with Builderall is worth it for so many different reasons. That is beside the fact that the platform itself, is worth it just to utilize as as tool that has an unlimited amount of opportunity for growth and professionalism.

Premium Plan


15 Domains
10GB – Disk Space
Unlimited Subscribers

Funnel Club

Regular Price
+ U$99.90 Month

$199.00 one-time +

The cost for the paid affiliate program seems a bit pricey although I will suggest that it is pays for itself, once you decide to really take on affiliate marketing like a BOSS. The paid programs obviously would help in doing so.

If you don’t believe me… just see for yourself!


Affiliate Convertkit
Affiliate Convertkit

Convertkit is an excellent platform for email marketing and creating landing pages that are beautiful and responsive. Not to mention, they are super easy to build and launch even if you have no experience. It is not very time consuming at all. They have a really simple form builder to help capture leads as well.

For example, check out the subscription form I use that I created on convertkit. It is automatically placed wherever I see as fit on my site. I love it! It is cute and to the point and not some ugly notification that is annoying me and constantly asking for my email address. It waits for you to decide.

See my subscription form below and if you are feeling up to it go ahead and subscribe while your at it!

Test it out :)

That is all for the recommended affiliate programs I have to put on here today.

Don’t worry I have plenty more to add so keep coming back for more of our personal recommendations.

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