Emotional Health VS Mental Health


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Being healthy is a blesing. Being healthy does not only means being physically healthy, rather emotional health and mental health are two most important ones among other components of health.

So in this article, we will discuss mental health and emotional health separately, then how emotional health vs mental health are inter-related to each other as well as how they are different from each other. We will share how you can take care of mental health and emotional health both.


Emotions are simply a way to understand and express feelings. It is an ability to realize your emotions as well as the emotions of others. It enables you to recognize what is making you happy, sad
or what is driving you even crazy; or anybody else. Emotional health decides how you tackle the situation in everyday life or in the every day decisions you make.

“I think emotional health is a big contributor to physical health”.

-April Rose


Mental health is a constructive state of good health. It determines how you think, how your mind processes a problem and
eventually how you solve it. It mainly covers social, emotional and physiological. This is one of the most stigamatic component of health, but one should keep this clear in mind that it is common
nowadays, and can be taken care of easily.

Furthermore, even daily stress can cause mental health issue and it can go away simply soon in a similar way.

According to WHO:

“Health is a state of completion of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


As discussed earlier as well, mental health typically means how well your mind absorbs the information and experiences, whereas mental health mainly deals how you manage and express your emotions
based on the situation or knowledge or experience. However, emotional health and mental health are inter-connected to each
other too.

If anyone’s mental health is not fit, he/she is not able to express his/her emotions and vice versa. Take an example of mentally ill person. The mentally unwell person cannot express his feelings about what he/she feels effectively.


Many reasons can cause mental health issues. Some of them are as

  • Breakup or recent loss of a loved one.
  • Physical torture, it could have been in the past but the traumatic effects may cause mental health issues.
  • Physically or Sexually abused in childhood also causes long term mental effects.
  • Mental torture or psychologically abused in history. This is important to note that sometimes the victim is unable to identify psychological abuse and thinks that he/she has some problem.
  • Any small stress in life like loss of job
  • Staying anti-social for a long time


As mental health and emotional health are inter-related that is why the causes could be similar as well. Some of the issues that can cause emotional health issues include:

  • Abused in childhood cause emotional instability. Usually, they are quite or speak loudly and sensitive in nature.
  • Loss of job
  • Excessive use of drugs
  • Too much jealousy of anything you see and desire to get

Ways through you maintain your mental health

It is a great news that mental health can be improved and taken care of. If you are mentally fit, you can live a happy and
comfortable life. There are many ways to maintain your mental health.

Few are listed below:

1) Exercise: Do exercise. Exercise makes you fit not only physically but mentally as well. Exercise on regular basis also helps in better sleep that is good for mental health.

“A healthy body has a healthy mind.”

2) Socializing: Meeting with people also makes a good effect on your mental
health. Loneliness makes you empty by heart and also effects badly your mental health. But remember too much fake socializing is useless too and only drains energy which you can utilize anywhere
else, so keep a balance.

3) Counselling: If you feel low esteem or feel lonely, counselling could help you a lot. Don’t resist to see a doctor. A couple of visits to a good one could improve your mental health drastically.

4) Good eating habits: Good eating habits make you fit. It is not difficult to understand that what you intakes makes you and how you demonstrate. Always try to eat healthy food. Fish, nuts, fruits and vegetable are the food that makes you healthy.

Ways through you can nourish your emotional health

Similarly, you can also train and improve your emotional health. There are many manners to gain perfect emotional stability.

1) Maintain your stress

Stress is common in everyone’s life. For instance, a student may experience stress before and during exam, you may get stressed before operation, some people get stressed out before marriage. So it is important to acknowledge it and take necessary steps to manage it. Breathing exercise is a very powerful tool to manage

2) Control your moods

It is observed that some people have mood swings and mood disorder problem. Notice yourself when your mood is changing and
manage and control your emotions. It is a good practice to notice what triggered your emotions so you can better manage in the future.

3) Visit the doctor

Visit the doctor. Sometimes just having a little conversation with your doctor makes a huge difference.

4) Reveal your feelings

Keeping the secrets to yourself is never a good idea. It is going to build up unnecessary pressure and cause unnecessary emotional issues as well. You should reveal your secrets. feelings or what you are going through to a friend or someone you trust. The more you are free inside the more well you will be, so be


Now we know that what is mental health and what is emotional health and how much they are important. It is given that you have to be mentally and emotionally sound to live a wonderful and prosperous life.

Try all above these things you will experience a better version of yours. Start your journey today and don’t forget to look
around your circle, maybe someone needs you as well. Your support, small talk or little smile can make someone’s day. Mental and
emotional health both are necessary for your lifestyle.

“I wish that people could understand that the brain is the most important organ in your body. Just because you can’t see it like you could see a broken bone doesn’t mean it’s not as detrimental and devastating to a family or an individual.”

-Demi Lovato

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